Working on a Project for the Boss

I have been looking around the city in search of an annex location for my boss. In fact he is trying to be tricky with the government I think, because what he really seems to be looking for is a location where he can store and work on his car collection. He is going to have us do some stuff there, enough so he can pass it off as a place of business. The place I found today was going to be too hot to work in, so I have to speak to HVAC services in NYC about quotes on air conditioning units. In theory you might only need it for the office space and the employee lounge, but this place is going to be as hot as an oven when it starts to get in the upper 90’s and above this summer. It is going to be hard enough for us to fix it up and get the guys to want to work there. They certainly are not going to want to burn alive in this place.

The main thing is obviously to have the space and capability to work on these old cars. The boss has around four dozen old cars, some of them really nice and others that are not worth anything except for cannibalizing spare parts from them. He has a really big thing for old Chevy Bel Air’s, although his major thing right now is to get together a Chevy Nomad. He has three of them, but only one of them is going to be put together as a nice vehicle. Of course it is not going to look anything like the car did when it was new. It is going to have a big block engine in it and all of the modern stuff a new car would have.