We Felt So Naive As New Homeowners

Having never bought a house before, my wife and I were relieved to learn that everyone should have any home they want to buy inspected before they put in a contract on the home. We know little about a lot of the things that you cannot see behind walls or under the floor, so it was good to know that we could hire someone to do that for us. But soon after we moved in, we needed to have drain cleaning in Bronx NY done. And it was then that we learned that we would need to have some of our pipes replaced.

The inspector had told us that everything was okay and that the house looked great. We did not know any better, so we paid him for his service and went on our way. But after the toilet and bath tub stopped up, we were a little concerned. There was also a very wet place outside in the yard that we had noticed before, but we thought it was there due to recent rains at the time of inspection. After we moved in, we noticed it was still there, and that worried us as well.

A couple of weeks after taking hold of the house for move in, we noticed that the water outside in the previously flooded spot was even deeper. Just days later, out toilet overflowed. We rushed to get a plunger and some other drain cleaning supplies from a home improvement stores, but we were having no luck on our own. We had to call someone in who knew what they were doing.

The employee who came to help immediately pointed out to use that the flooded area of our yard was due to a leaking pipe. Even after he cleaned out our drains, he said that we would need to get the pipes replaced or we would run into the same trouble again.