Trees Are Hazardous to Our Health

I’ll never understand those sorts of people who think that having trees surrounding their home is some sort of ‘good’ thing. What’s good about trees? Are you that desperate for extra oxygen? Are you or your home somehow producing more carbon monoxide and are in desperate need of trees to clean it up for you? Maybe investing in filters for your home would be a better option than having those spreaders of that murderous yellow pollen that clings to all that it touches. Those people call us murderers when we call the tree service in Queens NY. Tree haters, they label us, even as limbs and trees crash atop their homes. How could anyone ever defend these clear human hating tyrants crowned in green? A green crown concealing winged and furry rodents!

Think of your children. Is that the sort of lesson that you want to impart upon them? That it’s okay to allow rodents to live freely among humans? Sure, those squirrels might be cute but under the fur and twitching, adorable tail rests the soul of a rodent who wouldn’t think twice about spreading rabies to your loved one. Rabies can kill, you know! Therefore trees are not only potentially spreading pollen within your community but also rabies. We have enough sickness and disease in this world without having to worry about trees supporting the lifestyle of rabies-infected squirrels or birds with the avian flu. Do you know how many people came down with avian flu? A lot. We all want to protect our loved ones so protect them from rabies. Protect them from the avian flu. Call your local tree service provider today and be done with your mistake. Turn those trees into kindling before they can harm your home or even the health of those you care about.