The Difference Between a Secretary and a Place That Provides Company Secretarial Services in Singapore

When we started a company in Singapore to be in a region of the world where we acquired raw materials for production of our products made elsewhere, I had a lot to learn about the differences in employee responsibilities for positions with the same names as we use where I was born. For example, when we were looking for company secretarial services in Singapore, I found out that kind of secretary takes on a whole lot more responsibility here. I had to make what I wanted understood as a place supplying secretarial services here is a place that helps you form a new business.

I suppose that is why I got some strange looks from my associates here when I asked them to help me find company secretarial services in Singapore. I was looking for a secretary, and they were wondering why I needed to hire a company that helps you incorporate and file all of the necessary paperwork in Singapore. It is all part of learning how to communicate when you speak the same language but have terms that can mean different things. I actually never considered that when I was told that everyone I would be working with spoke English probably better than me!

I have learned over the years to not use slang when speaking formally to those who use my language as a second language. I also learned to not use it when I am speaking phrases I have learned in their language. Plus, in many cultures, an offense is not easily forgotten. Even if it is overlooked, the stigma of ignorance on my part for not knowing would remain. Well, after a laugh, because there was no offense in this, my staff understood that I needed to hire a chief secretary. I did not need secretarial services from a company in Singapore that would help me legally establish a new company or corporation.