Getting Better Eyelashes by Picking the Right Product and Application Method

My husband has incredible eyes and eyelashes. His mom has told me that ever since he was a boy women have commented on his eyes and eyelashes. Some women have even commented how they would have killed for naturally long eyelashes like that. He has rugged looks that are softened by those eyes. I must admit that we women do go out of our way trying to get longer lashes, and it is just not right for a guy to have them naturally. I was looking at a website about wimpernserum to see how to improve the look of my lashes. This is especially important for me being the wife of a guy who already has beautiful eyes.

It kind of bugs him to hear that but it’s true. I guess it is the word beautiful that gets him. He says that men are supposed to be handsome. Well, he is! And he just happens to have beautiful eyes to boot. I have to use a cosmetic to lengthen, shape and define my eyelashes. He does not. The angle of his face an jaw give him a tough look, but those eyes taper that down quite a bit. Of course though, he can look intensely stern when needed. He has a job that requires him to present a no-nonsense attitude at times, but there are other times that he is the negotiator and mediator. His overall look is a great help to him.

In competition with him for great looking eyelashes, I was looking for a product and application method to get my eyelashes looking their best. Those models that are picked for the advertising of these products get results. Only a few of them girls have a natural look. So, if it can work for them, I just needed to find a technique and product that would work for my eyes.