A Simple Program is Helping to Keep My Money Straight

Struggling with your budget repeatedly is no fun at all. I have had trouble with this for far too long. It is tiring and stressful, yet I could not seem to stop. But then I had a major emergency that I was unable to pay for on my own, and it really woke me up. I ended up getting Quicken 2016 as a last resort, and it paid off in the end.

I really never got into buying too many things. My problem was that I simply wanted the best of the things that I did buy. So, rather than buying the $30 item that would meet just about anyone’s needs, I would instead by what I needed at the highest price. It was no big deal to me to pay $300.00 for something that I could have easily paid so much less for. In my mind, expensive prices meant the best quality. But that was not always true. When I would buy something that I thought would be a luxury item, I sometimes found it would stop working. But friends and family, who are very thrifty, would pay much less and their item would last for many years.

When my daughter ended up with an illness that put her into the hospital, I almost lost our health insurance because I could not afford to pay the monthly premium for our entire family. This was entirely my fault because I had been spending too much and had nothing in savings. The thought of my daughter not being able to get the medical care she needed petrified me. I was lucky that a friend loaned me the money, but it was embarrassing to do so. She is the one who suggested that I use a finance program like Quicken to get my financial life in order.